M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

My expectations

by Anna Varfolomeeva

I like my way of navigating on the Internet surface: I spent more than half an hour trying to find the magic Backend and only after that started reading the instruction carefully. It’s easy to formulate one of my expectations now: to read the materials thoroughly and critically, to go through the recommended readings with attention and patience.

I was quite surprised when I found the information on M.A. EYS: though theoretical and practical work on youth issues is now in priority in different European countries, I haven’t seen a Master programme solely devoted to Youth Studies before. It is appealing to find out the structure of the future programme, its planned components, the methods which will be used.

I am planning to get acquainted with the recent works on youth research and discuss them both online and during the residential seminar. I am interested in the aspects of youth research within different frameworks: family, educational institutions, workplace, social activity. During the seminar I expect to learn more about the methods of non-formal education and their implementation in youth work.

I am also looking forward to meeting other participants of the course both obline and offline; through discussions and sharing our experience we can learn probably no less than through theoretical reading.  I have noticed how diverse our group is: different countries, different ways to the Short Course, different experiences.  That makes the process of getting to know each other even more appealing!

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Francesca Cappelletti — 16 January 2011 23:37