M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

Expectations from the course

by Elisa Briga

Here are my expectations, written on a nice piece of paper in a cozy café in St Gilles, Bruxelles (it’s a pity I can’t upload the picture I made!)

- learn how to learn in a Virtual Learning Environment and get involved in and curious about all its mechanisms (technical, learning and social ones)

-become more confidence in myself as someone somehow expert in youth matters, by gaining the background knowledge I lack

-gain knowledge and skills which will be helpful to find a job in the field of European youth policies-research-practice

- meet inspiring people among the faculty and participants and learn from each other

-be part of a network of committed people who are passionate to the topic of youth studies and are willing to continuously gain skills and knowledge in order to be able to actively contribute to the development of a European youth research which includes the perspectives of all edges of the magic triangle

- actively contribute to the improvement of the quality and format of the MA EYS by giving constructive feedback

-  have a positive and enriching experience of ‘coming back to the academic world’ which I left more than a year ago being very fed up with everything connected to it.

3 comments on ‘Expectations from the course’

Maurizio Merico — 17 January 2011 19:01
Thank you Elisa. I hope you'll enjoy the course. And we are waiting for your (as well as from others participants) constructive feedback Maurizio
Maurizio Merico — 17 January 2011 18:04
Thank you Elisa, I hope you'll enjoy this course ... though very different - I guess - from the Italian University System you left ... At the same time, we are looking forward for your constructive feedback Maurizio
Tanja Strecker — 16 January 2011 21:48
Hey Elisa! I'd really like to see you're picture! :-) Can't you scan it and upload it somehow to the documents of your group? Maybe it's even possible to post a picture here in your blog... I'm so curious! ;-)