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My expectations

by Florentina Costea

First of all, I hope that shortly I’ll become a proficient user of this online platform…it seems to be a great tool.

Also, I would like to better understand how is quantified the efficiency of “youth policies”, taking into account the different “cultural environments”.

On the other hand, as all the participants, I expect to improve my skills and to have an interesting&productive residential seminar.

Warm regards,

One comment on ‘My expectations’

Maurice Devlin — 18 January 2011 18:42
Wecome Florentina, We are all (or most of us I think) still trying to become proficient in the use of the VLE. It has many possibilities. And yes you should certainly learn more from this Short Course about judging the efficiences of youth policies in different cultural environments, and indeed more about how "youth" itself has different meanings in different cultures. Best wishes, Maurice