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My expectation for the course

by Francesca Cappelletti

Some fresh air, to breathe in
take a chance, have a dream
a safe ground where I can lay down and just count on what I’ve found

These are the lyrics of a song by Elisa an italian songwriter I like a lot  (If I menage I will post the song as well). These few words express quite well the spirit with which I begin this course. I’m proud to be part of the group. I love being in touch with new people, exchanging ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm, sharing opinions, facts and dreams. That’s about the spirit.

Talking about opportunity: I’ve been working with and for young people, dealing with youth policies for the past 7 years but I’ve been a sort of observer/executer. I’m not satisfied anymore with this position. I really feel like taking an active role in youth policies, starting from my local environment. In my luggage there are practice, observation and a few experiences but I need more tools and more practice to put together my personal idea of youth policies. It’s time of engagement for me and this course seems to be a very good start.

3 comments on ‘My expectation for the course’

Helena Helve — 13 January 2011 19:00
Dear Francesca, thank you very much for this beautiful lyrics and a song by Elisa - it was a new experience for me. I am sure that we will get many of new eaxperiences from each others durin the SC:-) Helena
Howard Williamson — 13 January 2011 18:04
Dear Francesca, a very obvious bonus for me about this Short Course will be the opportunity for me to modernise my musical knowledge. I have just watched the clip posted by Andreas. You say that you want to start with your local environment. I have often pointed out that all policies have to find their way into the local experience of young people BUT, and it is a very important 'but', even when young people are completely unaware of policy ideas, thoughts and frameworks, so many of them do in fact touch their lives - for good sometimes, and for bad (often?). Lack of opportunity and experience is a kind of mirror of the kinds of youth policies we want, that can help young people and those who work with them develop positive thinking and activity. Welcome to the Short Course. Howard
Andreas Karsten — 11 January 2011 23:25
Dear Francesca, that is some spirit to begin with! Elisa's song is on her official youtube channel: Elisa | Fresh Air. Cool song! The drive to move on, become more active, do more, is certainly an exciting starting point! Good luck in your endeavours here and everyhwere :)