M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

My expectations

by Giovanni Mozzarelli

I decided to apply for this Short Course because I’ve realized that my methodological tools to analyze the current youth policies were not good enough. I feel I need to learn more about the theory of youth policy in order to understand its practical implementation. This is particular evident to me when it comes to the “creative” part, i.e. I am asked to propose alternatives to the current policy. I believe that without a solid background generating new solutions is not easy (and often you work hard just to discover you reinvented the wheel…)

So what I expect form this course is to help me to improve both of the quality and the range of my “tools”. Or at least, to show me the way to do it.

Moreover I hope this course will include one important aspect of the youth policy, namely how to translate a declaration into action. Both in Kosovo and Ukraine I have seen interesting youth policies -on the paper- based on international standards being completely detached from the actual implementation on the field. (This, of course, made me a little bit skeptical about the overall effectiveness of the youth policies.) So I am looking for constructive alternatives and best practices that may help youth to improve its conditions.

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