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Expecting something that are expect from you too.

by Gökdag Göktepe

Policy does’nt different from practice. Also doing work for social issues of youth depend on research. This is about  need to know. So, research, policy and practice are holistic field for young people. Because all these three workspace are effecting young people. Accordingly I am just need to discuss those relationships and need to determine these relationships.

There are various work type for all workspace and they are depend on who work with. Working for young people, working with decision makers for young people or working with academic for youth research. In turn, non-formal methods, policy making process and academic works. So what kind of methods do we need? And main question is How can we provide to participate young people to all these process?

If we state all expressly; themes (housing, employment, culture etc.) are bring out easily. Finally we can determine the needs of young people. Also these needs are fluidty. (This is a different discuss also).

I have expectations about our learning environment too. Will  ”Virtual Learning Environment” enable to participate young people whose have problems about mobility?

On the other hand what kind of group will let us to determine the relationships between magic triangel. Also I believe that creating network on this issue lead us for guiding.

Last, how can I use it in youth field of Turkey as you see in title that I reffered to?

Youth work does not professional area for me also it is vital area for me. Because I was effected  negatively from policies in Turkey in my early ages. And There was not anyone who should orientated me to social life.

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