M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

Course Expectations

by John Muir

Through discussion with fellow participants and course tutors, I hope that the course will give me an opportunity to develop strong, value-based relationships with practitioners, policy makers and academic experts from across Europe.

I hope to hear people’s observations and reflections on the society and cultural trends from our different realities. I hope to be able to compare and contrast these observations and discuss the implications of these social norms and cultural expectations on the experiences of individuals’ and groups within society.  I also expect that these discussions and ongoing reflection will enable me to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the context that I live and work in; particularly some of the underlying assumptions on which society in the UK is based and the implications of these assumptions.

I hope that the programme will develop my ability to work and socialise effectively within international and intercultural settings; increasing my awareness of the different perspectives and experiences of others.

I hope that time will be spent sharing practice, discussing the strengths, weaknesses of youth work practice in participants’ settings and identifying the opportunities and threats for youth work as a profession; particularly with reference to different countries’ national policy and constrained public spending.

Most importantly for me, I hope that the course will have many unexpected outcomes – the sort that are difficult to plan, but are created when a diverse and committed group of people come together.

One comment on ‘Course Expectations’

Maurizio Merico — 17 January 2011 19:11
Thank you John, I am sure that we all will face "unexpected outcomes". Best Maurizio