M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

My expectations

by Jo Peeters

My motivation and expectations regarding the sort course MS EYS: Since 2003 I am imvolved in projects concerning the recognition of non formal learning in youth work / voluntary work. From ‘’stand alone activities’’, such as developing toolkits, writing articles, and organising seminars, we are moving towards a more thematic way of working: developing long term projects, getting more people and organisations involved, and trying to start discussions on the topic on political level, based on the recently adopted Youth Strategy of the EU. My international experience in this field: Coördinator: Grundtvig Learning Partnership NFE 2009 – 2011 Grundtvig Learning Partnership NFE 2007 – 2009 Preparatory visit for Leonardo da Vinci Project NFE 2009 Preparatory visit for Leonardo da Vinci Project NFE 2008 International Seminar NFE Youth Programme 2005 Trainer/expert: Dialogue on non formal learning European Youth Forum 2009 Leonardo da Vinci Project ‘’Civil service apprenticeship’’ (subcontractor) 2006 Contact person/coördinator (not participating personally): Bridges for Recognition 2005 Participant: European youth work convention 2010 European expert meeting on youth work 2010 Advanced Youth Pass Training 2009 LLLP Infodays 2009 Training International Project management 2009 Prague Workshop NFE 2008 Conference Recognition of learning outcomes in Youth Work 2008 MOVE Conference 2007 Final meeting MOVE project 2007 Youth Pass Training 2006 Recognition of non formal learning in youth work will stay an important issue for the years that lie ahead. I want to give my work in this field a higher level and a broader range, talking about giving my work a more scientific basis, reaching new target groups, cooperating with formal education, and integrating European policy in projects on national level. I expect that participation in the MA European Youth Studies can contribute to this, and I want to participate in the short course to find out if this expectation is realistic.”

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