M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

My expectations

by Lamprini Frosi

I’m happy to be part of the group. I am very glad to meet new people from Greece and other countries and to have the opportunity to hear different approaches to the subject of youth.

Childhood and adolescence are key areas of my scientific and professional interests. In particular my scientific interests mainly concern the issue of gender equality in education and intercultural education. I have worked in several research and training European projects on youth and gender issues. I have also been involved in designing and implementation of interventions actions concerning the promotion of gender equality in schools.

I think my participation in the Short Course will enrich my knowledge and give me the opportunity to learn from the other people involved and exchange ideas with them. I expect that the knowledge I will gain will help me develop new skills in order to handle -more effectively- issues relating to young people. It also will help me to try new practices in my work. As this is the first European course I will attend, I am very enthusiastic about it and I strongly believe that by participating I will be able to develop both professionally and personally.

Another important aspect of the short course has to do with its teaching method. As I never before worked in this way , I believe that, even if I find it difficult, I will gain useful knowledge about this method.

One comment on ‘My expectations’

Maurizio Merico — 21 January 2011 17:48
Dear Lina (I hope I'm right), thank you for presenting your expectations. I hope the course will satisfy - at least in part - your expectations. As a tutor of your home group C, count on me and the others two tutors, for support ... Best wishes Maurizio