M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

My Expectations from the Course

by Miklos Ambrozy

I will post here the personal & professional goals I set for myself for the EYS Short Course.

I want to expand my understanding of the potentials of European Youth Research as defined by Lynne’s introductory article. I am especially interested in becoming aware of existing research where macro-structural and microcultural approaches have been successfully integrated.

I want have a better overview of the potentials of youth research and how the findingsĀ  are streamlined with European youth policy.

I expect to meet professionals from diverse backgrounds and to learn from them during the residential seminar.

I also expect to find out more about the available funding mechanisms for innovative methodologies within youth research, that can bring better integration and integrity to research projects, and prove to be useful in our daily work with youth in Thessaloniki.

Having just read the support page for “Critical reading”, I’m also quite sure that I want to critically read the articles, especially since I’m slightly sceptical about the effectiveness of youth policies at the level of implementation… Inside me I also expect that this will be acceptable for all of you running and participating in the course!



One comment on ‘My Expectations from the Course’

Kiki Deliyanni — 18 January 2011 20:59
Dear Miky When we first met at my office at the University of Thessaloniki some years ago, none of us could imagine that our paths would meet again in such a different context. I am happy that you have found the opportunity to work in the youth field in Greece, a country where youth policies are at an embryonic level. Is maybe the situation in Greece that has influenced the way you see the effectiveness of youth policies? I hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss about all this in Budapest. See you then...