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My expectations for the course… or Why am I here?

by Rasa Verseckaite

When I saw call for applications and read about this pilot project my brain was immediately wired and electrified. It did not take me but one day to decide whether I should apply!

I graduated with B.A. in May 2008 and since did not begin M.A. although I applied to many programs. Initially, difficulty to receive full scholarship and later on realization that I was applying to universities out of custom rather than academic and professional passion kept me from continuing my education. Today as I reflect, I am grateful to circumstances that kept me from studying for the sake of studying :)

Many times I have questioned scholarly world in United States (which is where I thought I would like to contineu my studies). Not to underestimate the great work and great minds of academic world… Nevertheless, I questioned the utility and the meaning of producing scholarship for the sake of producing scholarship. In my opinion, often this dynamic consumes great amount of time, potential, resources, money… without delivering benefits that would meet the costs. Quite often, application of research in practice and drawing tangible benefits from research conducted remain addressed insufficiently. I believe that utility and applicability is imbeded in Youth Studies field. This quality is build upon the strong and REAL connections between policy, research, and practice. For this reason, teh short course captured my attention and my imagination. My expectation is to gain knowledge which I can apply in my work and to give systematic/informed/well grounded academic/theoretical dimension to my experiences.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a purpose and to see clearly the meaning in what you are doing. This is exactly the case now. I expect, and I am confident, that this short course will be a useful, fruitful, and meaningful experience. In addition, I am thrilled to take part in launching what I believe is a field/knowledge many will benefit from, including myself of course. I am familiar with learning together with my peers/colleagues and my teachers. Once, I was a part of a pilot interdisciplinary seminar as a reasearch assistant and student leader and found such learning environment most rewarding.

I am also comitted to advance in the policy angle of the Youth Studies field, such an important area and such an important tool for maximizing the potential of my practical and research experience.

I expect that this course will take my engagement and my ability to work in youthfield to another level of efficiency and IMPACT.

I expect knowledge, innovation, motivation, challenges, direction, change… And after the first week of moving into this learning environment I have no reason to doubt that all my expecations will be met and exceeded.

With warm regards,


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