M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

Portfolio Introduction

Portfolio Introduction

The short course will be assessed by the submission of an online portfolio. The portfolio will be submitted in separate sections corresponding to three assessment packages. The type of material to be submitted varies across the packages and from component to component. Some items will be marked individually and will carry a known percentage of the overall assessment; others contribute to an assessment package that is marked holistically. But the portfolio as a whole will also be a record of your reflections and learning throughout the Short Course and be yours to keep as a resource.

In broad terms the portfolio will include an experiential and personal and professional development (PPD) component alongside academic and analytical work. All required sections of the portfolio must be submitted. The deadline for submission is Friday 11th March 2011; results and certificates will be available by Wednesday 20th April 2011. Substantial feedback will be offered, with a paragraph on each of the assessed elements.

Tutorial and mentoring support will be available during the preparation of your portfolio. During the post residential period leading up to your submission, personal tutors will be available at scheduled times for online consultation. There will also be advise available on general issues to do with the portfolio format and presentation, and any technical issues and problems.

Although portfolios are individual submissions with room for pursuing personal interests, you will be expected throughout your portfolio to address directly or indirectly two thematic issues:

  • How can youth practice, youth research and youth policy interrelate (and what are the classical tensions between them)?
  • What vertical links are possible between local, regional, national and international levels with respect to coordinated action and practical activity, policy-making, and the research agenda in the youth field?