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My expectations

by Susanne Johansson

I am so happy to be in the course because it offers the possibility to discuss, to share opinions and to communicate with fellow students with so many fascinating experiences and backgrounds! Sometimes I have the feeling to be “stuck” in German discussions about youth policies. Therefore, I am  curious and motivated to learn so much more!

I would be especially happy to share experiences and opinions about human rights education and the prevention of racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and violence among young people in other European countries and I am very much looking forward to all our future our discussions – and, of course - the personal encounter in Budapest!

It  feels a bit like freedom to think freely and to develop new ideas (that’s like holidays from routine!)!

One comment on ‘My expectations’

Howard Williamson — 14 January 2011 18:47
Susanne, The 'freedom to think freely'. A precious gift that too many of us sometimes take too much for granted. Though there is a song that freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, nothing ain't but nothing, but it's free.... Holidays from routine... not so sure about that one, but certainly an escape from some of the institutional and bureaucratic boundaries and barriers that tend to box us in. So welcome to the Short Course and the opportunity for critical reflective mutual discussion, Howard