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My expectations

by Sven Retoré

Yesterday evening I saw this post on a blog:

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

It made me think about what are my expectations for the short course. I realize I want to go somewhere. I expect that this course will take me to that somewhere (or somewhere else interesting), in other words that I feel it has a direction. Regularly I feel that in my Non-formal education experiences I walk somehow in circles or more, like in the movie, in spirals. I expect to get in this course the freedom to walk freely, explore, but have the guidance to keep on track.

So, what does this mean for me….keep on track? Well, I hope this short course could fill some blanks that I have. Since I have grown as a youth worker from the practical field, I feel that sometimes I miss a more theoretical background against which I can place my practical experience. I expect to start building a more firm background through this course. I furthermore expect to have some thought provoking conversations with my colleagues and the staff which challenge me to think further on things that I might see as self-evident and to receive support to probe for a deeper meaning.

On the other hand, I hope to be able to support others with my hands-on practical experience in working with youth, critical sense of humour and enthusiasm.

And of course, have a lot of fun!

3 comments on ‘My expectations’

Helena Helve — 13 January 2011 18:31
This is a hermeneutic circle, which you can use may be when you read about European Youth Research. It describes the process of understanding a text hermeneutically. See Wiki "It refers to the idea that one's understanding of the text as a whole is established by reference to the individual parts and one's understanding of each individual part by reference to the whole. Neither the whole text nor any individual part can be understood without reference to one another, and hence, it is a circle. However, this circular character of interpretation does not make it impossible to interpret a text; rather, it stresses that the meaning of a text must be found within its cultural, historical, and literary context." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeneutic_circle
Howard Williamson — 13 January 2011 17:55
Well Sven I could try to offer you some kind of response in a rather roundabout way, but I guess you would like to have it straight. Listening, humour and patience is what I once told a very disturbed young man were the key skills of youth work. That's my theory; after that, we end up going round in circles. More seriously, I am not sure whether we will produce a very clear sense of direction but I hope there will be clarity of discussion and analysis, in and from all corners of the triangle. Howard
Andreas Karsten — 13 January 2011 09:15
Oh I will so definitely load this video onto my phone and show it to the next police officer who wants to be funny late at night! On a more serious note, I know the feeling of working and walking in circles well, and am quite curious myself where this project takes us...