M.A. EYS Student Portfolio

Expectations for the short course

by Tanja Strecker

My expectations for the shourt course:

The excitement mentioned in almost all of the already published comments in the different groups caught me as well. It’s great to start finally, to see this extensive page with so many new and surprising – sometimes a little weird – options.  I hope I’ll learn to handle them quick and appropriate and I trust that this entry will – once written – appear in the right place…

More than that I’m interested in getting to know the other participants and faculty members as far as this is possible “online”. It’s hard to wait for them to introduce themselves. This is probably because one of my biggest expectations for this course is to form part of the “community of scholarship and practice” the M.A. EYS is willing to create. It feels like something really big and I’m proud to have taken the first obstacle on the way to be part of it and was accepted to participate in this course. I’m sure to learn lots of new things about youth within these months and just can’t wait to start.

3 comments on ‘Expectations for the short course’

Tanja Strecker — 13 January 2011 18:18
With "weird" I rather refered to the technical options, especially the big weird one to post something in a wrong place and full of typing mistakes without the chance to edit it. ;-) Regarding the content and aims I'd rather use the adjective you mentioned above. But don't worry, as soon as I find something weird regarding the content I will post it as well. :-)
Howard Williamson — 13 January 2011 18:09
Dear Tanja, surely you can't have found some of our ideas and options 'a little weird'. We consider them to be innovative, exciting and alternative, complementing those that are more traditional and established! Finding the right balance, though, is a big, big challenge and we will be looking for exactly the kind of feedback and commentary that you have already started to make. So welcome to the Short Course and to our community of scholarship and practice. Howard
Andreas Karsten — 11 January 2011 18:43
Hi Tanja, you are fast! And thus the first student whose portfolio entry is featured on the front page :) I changed the author of the article from M.A. EYS Team to you, this is a problem we still need to fix on all other portfolios as well...