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My expectations

by Tomasz Lubotzki

I am looking forward for an intelectual challange in a dialogue with people active in different areas of the magic triangle (YR-YP-YW).  I expect to get practical knowledge, fresh motivation, inspiration and contacts to put the gained experience into a real life implementation: in my every day work and new fields of intrest, which i will discover. I am looking forward to hear about the different local realities and the diverse activities people are related to and get a possibiltity to build many interesting discussions around it. I hope the course will open some new directions, which can be for my future path of development and work interesting options to go further. Beside this i like to try out myself as a learner in a more formal learning setting but with this strong virtual component, to see if it is a direction i would like to go perhaps in the future; and also to look for ways how to implemnent this e-learning dimension better in the work i do as a trainer. Nevertheless one big expectation is to be open for the unknown and be ready to be surprised, by the content of the course, the diverse methodology, the interesting co-students and myself…

One comment on ‘My expectations’

Howard Williamson — 13 January 2011 17:46
Tomasz, I hope that all of us can and will be 'open for the unknown' as you put it. This Short Course really is, hopefully, a delightful experiment in many respects: the engagement of such a diverse group of students, not just because of their diffeent occupational backgrounds but so much more besides, the intention of blending more and less formal methods of learning, production and assessment, the placing of people in positions that stretch their imagination, reflection and thinking....and so on. I think all of us are on the same kind of wavelength on these matters. Best wishes, Howard